Toxic Paint

Another X-Particles viscous fluid test also trying a few tricks to help get thin film skinning. and wetmaps used on the rings to get the paint covering effect.

Gloopy Goo

Small render test using fluids and constraints in X-Particles to make thick goop.

scene attcahed.

Space Battle Royal

This is my attempt at doing a space battle rig, that i saw Simon Russell do with Think Particles. looked very cool but for me to complex so wanting to see if X-Particles was up to the challenge this is what i came out with.

Procedual Growth tutorial

We just uploaded a new tut on how to create procedural growth structures with x-particles 2.5


Fluid Filling

Small test of filling a box up with fluids using X-Particles 2.5

Dynamics Fake

Heres a small test using X-Particles to fake dynamics. Tute coming soon.

Cloth flow

Here’s a little experiment trying to get a look of cloth flowing in water. pretty happy with the result using X-Particles.