Scorpion WIP

Im currently working on a project that i plan t record into a tutorial series. Model,UV,Sculpt, texture and rig a scorpion. so I’m working over doing a pre run at the moment, I’m up to the sculpting part. heres a few screen shots of the progress.

Final render

Well i left it cooking over night and heres the result, just shows how capable the native X-Particles render engine is even with crazy high particle counts its all smooth.


More particle Advection.

So iv still been messing about with the Particle Advection thing with X-Particles and TFD, they work well together but i can’t wait till this stuff is all in XP.

this one uses about 10million particles. 3 emitters all set to a different colour and then some post in After Effects to bring out some more contrast.

Render Test

I did this test after seeing a Krakatoa render and i wanted to have a go with X-Particles. pure rendering out of the box. in the end theres just under 8 million particles. rendering in at about 1.20 per frame not to bad.