2015 over and out.

Well 2015 is coming to an end, its been a pretty epic year for me, moving home down to Cornwall in the UK, with my little family, So far we love our new life by the sea.

I finished up 12 years working for Century TV, and now am full time working INSYDIUM the company I co own working on making X-Particles bigger and better. we released version 3 and then a free 3.5 update. and its overall been very successful. here’s to the future! scary as it is.

I also managed to do an online course from Ash Thorp and Learned Squared learning UI for film design. it was a fun course learning not so much the tools as I new them already, but the process Ash takes.

here’s a couple of the things I did from the course.

Full_Page shot1 shot2 THE HEX_LS2_SMALL