Wind Tunnel

Today iv been screwing about with making a wind tunnel setup with X-Particles, iv worked on a couple of solutions the first one i set up using modifiers and rigged it up into a full user friendly preset.


Works pretty well and can look good, however its not realistic its not using a real world system. so that lead me down the track of using the xpDomain to make the particles act as smoke, and then using a big fan (wind modifier) with a really high strength to push the particles through the fluid. this seems to work quite well so ill get a render going and see how it looks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 17.00.08



Been a long time

Wow its been a long time sinceĀ I posted anything.

Since the last post my self and my little family moved down to Cornwall in the south west of the UK, to a little surf town called Newquay.

What a life style change we get to go out and walk along some stunning cost lines watching surfers out for a morning ride. have to say its the best thing we ever did.


X-Particles 3 was released and we have been working on more cool features for the next versions. ill try and get some more things posted soon.

Branching test

Testing out a few bits n bobs in the next release of X-Particles, due Q4(ish)

X-Particles V3 Flock Modifier tets

Quick test with our new flocking system under development at XP HQ. so much fun can’t wait till is out.